1. oatsandyoga:


    Yes, please!

    Omg it looks so good

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  2. Daily food

    Breakfast - yoghurt, almonds, raisins

    Lunch - apple and 500g Greek yoghurt

    Dinner - cod, wholewheat noodles, tomatoes, yoghurt

    Snack - almonds, few blueberries

    Workout - hour of legs, bums and tums :)


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    My oatmeal this morning was topped with yoghurt, banana, kiwifruit, almonds and blueberries.

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  4. Imagine waking up on the last day of march and knowing that you worked your ass off for 30 days straight. Imagine looking in the mirror and grinning because you’re actually seeing results: your stomach is flatter and more toned, your legs are becoming shapely and ‘dat ass’ is looking rounder than ever. Imagine looking in that mirror and feeling proud that you ate clean for 30 days. Yes, you allowed yourself the occasional treat but in general you were fantastic and stuck to your healthy regime. Hell, you even enjoyed it. Imagine the feeling of pride you’ll have, and the feeling of confidence knowing that now you’ve done one month the next month and the months after that will be easier. Imagine trying on some old jeans and feeling the space in the waist-band because you are so much slimmer now. 30 days. 2 Litres water per day, 30 minutes working out a day. A clean diet. That’s all. Let’s make March our fittest month yet. Who’s with me?



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    You’re way more than just a number.

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  10. fast-strong-healthy:

    Smoked salmon salad.